Simple Steps On How To Fight Sleep Apnea Easily


You might be trying to weigh out your options when you finally figure out you have sleep apnea. It may be difficult to decide on a treatment that will be right for the individual needs of the situation. Just read on to learn more.

Lose weight if you need to. Obesity has clearly been linked with sleep apnea in multiple studies. You may cure sleep apnea by just shedding twenty pounds.

Mouth Guards

Have your dentist fit you for a custom mouth guard. Mouth guards help keep your jaw in a proper position. These mouth guards are more comfortable than a CPAP. A mouth guard will work by positioning the jaw and tongue in a helpful way that will allow for easier breathing while asleep.

Take back a good night of rest by side sleeping. Back sleeping promotes airway obstruction. If you can get to sleep lying on your side (and stay that way through the night), you may well experience a much less trouble night.

Seek out something else rather than taking sleeping pills. Just like alcohol, these medications relax your throat when you sleep. They can also make other problems associated with sleep apnea worse. Speak with your health professional about something that can help you sleep without harming your breathing patterns.

If you can, sleep on one of your sides. A lot of people who have sleep apnea are back sleepers. When you sleep on your back, tissue can block your throat and airways. Avoid sleeping on your back and go on your side to make breathing easier. If you move around at night and tend to always wind up on your back, try propping yourself up with pillows.

Sleep apnea generally is diagnosed by studying your medical and family history and having a thorough physical exam. Sleep studies may be included in the equation, and it may be necessary to involve a sleep specialist.

Sleep apnea can be extremely tricky to diagnose yourself, especially if you sleep alone without a loved one to tell you about minor sleep problems you experience. Record yourself to get a better picture of what is happening while you sleep. Make sure you have audio on your video so you and your doctor can hear the noises you make in your sleep.

Sleep Apnea

Make sure you have something with you at all times that explains that you suffer from sleep apnea and you use a CPAP. Should something happen to you that requires medical attention, this will alert others of your condition. Your ID should tell people about your sleep apnea, your use of a CPAP, and the proper pressure level for it.

A great way to reduce the possibility of having sleep apnea is to lose weight. People usually find that sleep apnea can be remedied by shedding those extra pounds. Even a nominal amount of weight loss will go a long way in improving your breathing at night.

Sleep with just one pillow at night. An over-sized pillow or multiple pillows can actually skew your position. These mean you sleep in positions where it is hard to breathe. Because of this, you should only sleep with a single pillow to combat sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea

You should always consult a physician when you have sleep apnea, but there are things you can do for yourself too. Losing weight and stopping smoking are always good, but are especially so for those who suffer from sleep apnea. Keep the last two hours before bed free of heavy meals, caffeinated beverages or alcoholic beverages.

You can actually reduce your sleep apnea symptoms by practicing a few simple tongue exercises. Press your entire tongue up inside your mouth, and hold it there for at least a few minutes. This can improve the strength of your tongue and throat muscles and decrease the chance that they will relax too much and cause breathing difficulty.

Playing a wind instrument can be helpful for sleep apnea. Playing a wind instrument exercises your throat muscles to make breathing easier and gives you the pleasure of beautiful music at the same time. Strengthening these muscles can help you better control them when sleeping, which can lessen apnea symptoms.

Laying on your back while sleeping can worsen your sleep apnea symptoms. Instead, try laying on your side. If you want to prevent rolling to your back while unconscious, prop yourself up by sewing something lumpy into your pajamas. Even if you are sound asleep, you will not like the sensation of the ball in your back, and you will automatically move back to your side again.

Sleep Apnea

Anyone who has sleep apnea, or even just snores, might want to think about picking up an instrument. A study in Germany proved that playing a Didgeridoo can reduce sleep apnea symptoms and induce other soothing effects. This new method will help you control your airways.

Your sleep apnea might be easily solved with a simple solution. Target a specific time for bed and be consistent with it nightly. Make your bedroom comfortable to sleep in. If you’re not comfortable, you may experience insomnia.

Sleep Apnea

You can contact your doctor to arrange a sleep test if you suspect that you’re having sleep apnea problems. This procedure will let you know if you’re suffering with sleep apnea and what you are dealing with. Once you know about your condition and its severity, you can start getting treated.

Never underestimate the power of knowledge. Once you are aware of the possible treatments for sleep apnea, you and your doctor can determine which one is right for you. A great amount of information is available on this subject, but the tips provided here will help you discover your answers with speed and ease.