Advice On How To Get Rid Of Sleep Apnea

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Listening to your doctor tell you that you may have sleep apnea can be a frightening experience. Remember though that this affliction is pretty frequent, and while potentially severe in effect, you can in fact manage it with success. This article will provide you with many tips on managing your sleep apnea.

Stopping bad habits may help with your sleep apnea. If you smoke and drink, you are almost sure to suffer from sleep disturbances. Drinking depresses the respiratory system and can cause severe breathing issues. And when you smoke you inhale a bunch of carcinogens that can seriously damage your lungs. Dropping both these habits entirely will help ease the symptoms of sleep apnea.

It is important to use your CPAP machine if instructed to by your doctor. You should use it for the full night, but if you cannot, try to get at least 4 hours with the machine. It is hard for many patients to become accustomed to using the CPAP. Keep in mind your CPAP device should be used at least four hours per night for it to help you. If you still have trouble adjusting, get at least four hours and try to add more time each night.

Sleep Apnea

If you do not have a partner to let you know how you sleep at night, it can be difficult to assess if you have sleep apnea. Or you can record yourself as you sleep to look at your sleeping patterns. Make sure any video you make includes an audio stream, since certain noises are clues that you may suffer from sleep apnea.

Your physician might ask you to start and maintain a sleep log to get a better grasp on your diagnosis. Sleep logs are records where patients write down the length and quality of their sleep. Your spouse can inform you of any excessive snoring, jerking, or momentary lapses in your breathing. All these will assist your physician in making a formal diagnosis.

Chin Strap

If your mouth opens a lot during the night when you use your CPAP machine, consider adding a chin strap. The chin strap is a fabric strap that supports your chin to keep your mouth shut. CPAP devices don’t work well when your mouth is wide open, so this device can help.

If you’re admitted to the hospital, take your sleep apnea machine with you. If the hospitalization was planned or for an emergency, you should still be sure that your CPAP and your mask are brought with you to be used while you’re there. Your own CPAP machine will be set to the pressure recommended by your sleep specialist, so you won’t have to get used to a new machine. This lessens the stress of being away from home and enables you to continue the CPAP therapy while at the hospital.

Choose only one, flatter pillow to sleep on each night instead of fluffy pillows. The position of your body can become awkward and harmful to your breathing when you use too many pillows. Your breathing will become more difficult for you to complete during sleep. Because of this, you should only sleep with a single pillow to combat sleep apnea.

Think about using nasal spray if your nasal passages are stopped up. This should help clear any blockages in the airways for a couple of nights. Remember that nasal sprays should only be used on a temporary basis to avoid nasal damage and irritation. Check out all the different options while at your pharmacy.

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It can be shocking to get a sleep apnea diagnosis. There is no reason to fret, as there are many treatment methods you can explore. This article’s advice can help you control sleep apnea’s symptoms. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a completely healthy life, even if you’re suffering from sleep apnea.